Requests for German-Korean

Users desire to have these words added to this dictionary. Please add them, if you know the translation. Thanks!

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RequestedRequested wordsAdd translation in
by Elli1305 over 2 years agoHüfteGermanKorean
by Elli1305 almost 4 years agoKinnGermanKorean
by Alesch over 5 years agoreitenGermanKorean
by 아름킴 AreumKim about 1 month agoBittesehrGermanKorean
by Student2906 6 months ago준비합시다GermanKorean
by Elli1305 about 1 year agoBeckenGermanKorean
by thb_kor over 1 year agoHöhenlinieGermanKorean
by Take my jam about 2 years agoNaishiGermanKorean
by Karsten Dietrich over 2 years agoUmschlagseite 4 (eines Buches)GermanKorean
by Karsten Dietrich over 2 years agoUmschlagseite 2 (eines Buches)GermanKorean
by Student2906 almost 3 years ago확장GermanKorean
by 아흐메트 about 3 years agoAhmetGermanKorean
by hajo about 3 years agoSozialarbeiterGermanKorean
by JanG68 over 3 years agoRotorblatt (Windkraftanlage)GermanKorean
by JanG68 over 3 years agoWindkraftanlageGermanKorean
by JanG68 over 3 years agoKonstruktionGermanKorean
by NIWO over 4 years agoMedienweltGermanKorean
by knoerz over 4 years agoKonverbalformGermanKorean
by chilikitty over 4 years agoKonsistenzGermanKorean
by Serapis78 over 5 years agoRedlichkeitGermanKorean
by sangersbach over 5 years agoHeilpraktikerGermanKorean
by jojo4400 over 5 years agosprödeGermanKorean
by Guest over 7 years agoBankenabgabeGermanKorean
by Guest over 7 years ago은행세금GermanKorean
by Guest over 1 year agoKeinGermanKorean
by Guest over 6 years agoBolschewisierungGermanKorean
by Guest about 6 years agojedenfallsGermanKorean
by Guest almost 6 years agodoofGermanKorean
by Guest over 6 years agobemerkungGermanKorean
by Guest almost 7 years agokleinerGermanKorean